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Mar 17

A Word on the Death of Moebius.

I think it’s quite clear around the internet that Jean Giraud was an inmensely loved, admired and revered figure. The collective comics consciousness truly mourned the passing of a genius and revolutionary of the artform. What’s interesting to see is how exactly it did so which is, in my opinion, the best way possible. 

It’s as if his death caused a sudden shock-wave across the earth in all directions, which forced us to be more creative and more imaginative in his absence. All around the internet you’ll see amazing tributes to his work and in those pieces you’ll see people attempting to reach, or at least approximate, some of those creative elements that moebius conceived. Maybe none of that will stick, who knows, but it’s nice to see a community aspire to more in honor of one of its greatest contributors’ passing. 


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